Welcome to mainstreetmoments.com Everythingmidwestern LLC is a small business with big ambitions. We are headquartered in Turton, South Dakota, a small town in the eastern part of the State. Our staff members and our in-house contributors range in age from twelve to seventy, span three generations, and, through the genius of the internet, are located world-wide.

Our core mission is to focus on the unique attributes of the upper Midwest. This American heartland offers a treasury of human experiences that we honor, promote, and showcase on mainstreetmoments.com.

Our website, mainstreetmoments.com is provided free to all who share our enthusiasm for this region. We invite everyone to participate in all the various elements of this site and to join us in the joy of discovery and celebration of this regionís history, present and future.

We have, for the time being, chosen the following six states to showcase: South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa.

Why these six states? We believe that despite its diversity (an example being the obvious differences between the ranching culture of the western Dakotas and the woodland environment of northern Wisconsin), this region does retain many common elements of a rural, small town heritage and an urban cultural history that should be of interest to residents and visitors alike. In the future we may well add other states (Illinois and Ohio) or create another distinct region to honor. For now, we will concentrate on these six.
There are many ways for our visitors and members to participate and submit their favorite tales, memories, and observations. See 8 ways to participate.

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