Dakota Basketball

We are looking for the best high school basketball stories in the midwest.

Writers and producers are currently looking for inspirational high school basketball stories from North Dakota and other areas.

We are looking for both old stories as well as more recent stories. A good story need not be about a victory. Sometimes the most inspiring stories come from other places.
If you know of a great basketball story (legends, heros, victories, come-backs, cinderella stories, defeat, bad weather, loss, tragedy, heroism etc) please let us know about so we might tell your story.

Two ways of contributing:
Call and leave a short descripton of your story on our voicemail at (701) 204-4552.
Fill in the form below. We don't need the whole story now, just leave your contact information and a short summary and we will be in touch.

Thank you for helping us document the best of North Dakota basketball.

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