Update - The Church has been restored. Thank you to all who helped this community save this fine historic Church.

Help the Community of Turton, South Dakota restore the historic First Congregational Church.  This church is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

First Congregational Church of Turton, SD First Congregational Church of Turton, SD
On the night of July 31, 2008, a severe wind storm removed the top part of the steeple.  The Turton community is in the midst of a fund raising  effort to secure the $22,000 needed to restore the church to its original condition. read more

Restoring the First Congregational Church of Turton

The following information about the Church, published on Wikipedia, is a charming and valuable reminder of the spiritual commitment of the early settlers to this area:

From The Turton SD Centennial History, published 1986 by Richard Barrie "...In 1892 (the Protestant people in and around Turton) decided to build a church building. The building committee was composed of Alexander Kerr, Charlie Detterich, Mrs. Silas Oldfield, Mrs. David Edds and CW Derr. The building was begun in the spring of 1893, and finished that August. The men of the congregation did the work under the direction of Ferdinand LaBrie, a local carpenter. The bell with a beautiful mellow tone may have been addedTurton, SD later. It was cast in England and was procurred by CW Derr. There is no record when the interior was furnished, but it is certain that the heavy oak pulpit chairs were in place around 1900 and it is assumed thepews were, too. On Aug 18, 1957 during the morning worship, a new altar, pulpit and cross were dedicated. The altar and pulpit were presented for the Glory of God and the Loving Memory of Gilbert J. Babbe, John Christense, Mrs. Emma Hausvik and Mrs. Ida Mahan. The cross, a 7-foot symbol of matching blond wood was presented for the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of Mrs. Agnes Jane Spear. Rev Dreisback who had been coming from Frankfort SD to conduct services remained the pastor for a time after the church was built. Then for some years they depended on student preachers from Redfield College. They would come to Turton by train on saturday and conduct services on Sunday. Because of the train schedules, someone had to take them to Doland SD to get a train back to their classes at Redfield College. The church had become affiliated with the Congregational Conference and they had given aTurton, SD five hundred dollar grant to help with the building. This grant was not paid off until November 29, 1948. The actual 'burning of the mortgage' ceremony was held January 2, 1949. The church was placed on the national Register of Historic Places on Sept 14, 1979 and a plaque denoting this was installed in the spring of 1986." Compiled by Dorothy M. Derr