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If you want your own little corner of ask us to set up a BLOG for you. Publishing your own blog gives you the opportunity express yourself and to share your personal reflections on just about anything you choose to write about. You may even choose which design template you like best to personalize your blog. We here at especially welcome blogging with focus on life in the midwestern US, both from historical and modern day perspectives. To request a blog, simply send an email to (or log on and send a quick message to EVM STAFF here) Please express what your intended blogging subject matter might be, and we will set your blog up for you and contact you within a day or two with information on getting started.  See who's blogging!
The mainstreetmoments forums are where you may interact with other members and partake in (and start new) discussions. Simply navigate to a Forum of interest and checkout the various posts (or “threads” as they are often called) that other members have started. To partake, simply reply to a post. Or why not start a brand new discussion which interests you by creating a new thread? The Forums are broken down by state with each state hosting three categories, Retrospect, Living and Travel. Use the Retrospect forum to discuss historical subjects about the midwest. Use the Living forum for all things current such as cultural subjects like cooking, art, music, education or just about any subject pertaining to modern-day midwestern life. The Travel forum is your resource for discussing travel destinations or for requesting information about travel in the area. Participating in the forum is a pleasant way to discover and share at your own pace.
Once you have created your free account, you will have the opportunity to send messages to other members at Note your “inbox” at the top of the center column on most pages on the site (you must be logged on to see your inbox). The messages are similiar to email in that your may send, reply and delete messages but these messages are only sent internally between members. It is a quick and simple way to say "hello" to another member. To send a message you simply need to navigate to the profile page of the member you wish to contact. On each members profile page there is a “Send Message” button. Try it out!
At you may easily add to the many registers and lists we maintain. Add your own favorite local restaurant or favorite stretch of scenic road (or as we call them, “lonely highways”) and share the best of the midwest with the world. If you run your own business in one of our featured states, feel free to add it to an appropriate list.
Whether you are a journalist or just fancy yourself as one, we welcome submissions for full fledged articles or series of articles on subjects of human interest, travel, history and more. If you would like to discuss submitting an article please contact us.
Suggest a story:
If you would simply like to suggest something you feel would be of interest to our readers you make easily do so here.
You may comment on many things at Commenting is an easy way to express yourself and to help share. You may make comments on articles, lists, blogs and the forum you might say is in itself a collection of comments on particular subject matter.
The History Vault Project:
The history vault is our preservation project, recording and archiving the personal experiences of current and former midwesterners. Read more ....

Your profile page:
At your profile page you may write a short introduction about yourself as well as indicate where you are located. In the near future you will be able to register your hometown (as many of our members grew up in the midwest but have now relocated) and create your own photo-album.



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