'In Cold Blood' North Dakota
podcast revisits dark moment of ND history
Dakota Spotlight Podcast has released its Season 2 - A true crime story in 7 episodes telling the story of the tragic deaths of Wade and Ellen Zick who were murdered in July of 1976 in town of Zeeland, ND, population 300
The 1977 Epping, ND Eagles now featured in podcast
North Dakota's own 'hoosiers' story lives strong
In 1977, the North Dakota Boys State B Basketball tournament found two drastically different teams in the championship final. The 'Cinderella' Epping Eagles, with a school enrollment of only 23 students became the darlings of the tournament as th
Great new Podcast about Basketball in the upper midwest
Hoosiers to Present, listen to this great online show
Researches seek your baskteball stories
Researchers are seeking your favorite highschool basketball stories for publication, podcasts and books. Help us archive and celebrate the best of North Dakota high school basketball. MORE INFO HERE
The saga of Oscar Micheaux
Filmmaker of South Dakota
The saga of Oscar Micheaux in South Dakota is a fantastic portrayal of one man’s imagination, perseverance, and entrepreneurial energy— one of the best examples that one can find among all the pioneering tales of the Dakotas. What was a black America
Clyde Willis Rainford 1905-1948
This is the 3rd in a series of writings authored by Darrel Rainford of Minnesota (1928 - 2005).
Biography: Clyde Willis Rainford 1905-1948 Clyde Willis Rainford was born in Illinois on July 2, 1905. The records don’t say, but chances are that he was born with the long, lean body and thick dark hair that
How Things Worked - by Darrel Rainford
This is the 2nd in a series of writings authored by Darrel Rainford of Minnesota (1928 - 2005).
Shocking Wheat The customary method to harvest grain (up until approx 1950 when newer smaller combines became available ) was to bind grain wheat, oats, barley into a bundle with a binder. This machine would cut the stalk and head a
Frances Klapperich Labrie, A Great Cook
This is the 1st in a series of writings authored by Darrel Rainford of Minnesota (1928 - 2005).
Frances Klapperich Labrie, 1877-1960, learned to cook as a young woman when she had a cookcar to feed the threshing teams. She could feed dozens of hungy men without running water in a small kitchen on wheels set in the middle of the field. She made
Dancin' Man
Bachelor farmer danced his way through life.
“The only thing I like more than dancing is more dancing!” This was the refrain that Clyde Raines repeated to hundreds of female dancing partners in eastern South Dakota during the 40s, 50s, and early 60s. Clyde was unmarried and farmed near the t
Claremont South Dakota
Why do some communities consistently excel in Sports
CLAREMONT, SD Why do certain small towns and communities seem to have a history of success in sports? Pick any area throughout this Midwestern area and one will find examples of athletic achievments that spanned years or even decades in specific comm
Rose Bowl Running Back
I was about twelve and devoted to every kind of sport; I played basketball and baseball at every opportunity; I listened to college football; I was a Cleveland Indians fan; I knew the entire roster of the Minneapolis Lakers. So, when one day I overhe
What's your most memorable high school sports moment?
help us find the greatest moments in midwestern high school sports history
During the coming weeks will be taking a closer look at some of the biggest high school sports moments in the Upper Midwest. And we need your help! We would to hear your picks and suggestions for our up and coming storie
Nebraska's own Roswell of 1884
by Unexplained Mysteries on 20 Mar 2007
Very few people have heard of Max, Neb. A cursory look at the Google Map of the town shows just how small it is - under 20 blocks, a blip in southwest Nebraska. It's just eight miles from the seat of Dundy County: Benkelman, population 914.But Max, t
Lusk Nebraska was end of the road for fugitive from Texas
Charles Lannis Moses Jr
Charles Lannis Moses Jr., shot two Nebraska police officers and killed farmer before he outran authorities in the hills just over the Nebraska-Wyoming state line. Nebraska Gov. Mike Johanns declared a state of emergency, and unarmed Blackhawk heli
Cold Case of North Dakota - The Aberdeen Connection
22 year old Cold Case still a mystery
The mystery of what happened to Kristin Joy Diede, a native of Wishek, North Dakota and Robert Michael Anderson of Minnesota remains to be a puzzle. Recently, however, new interest in the case has created some attention in local media. A webs
The battle of mud springs
Nebraska history.
In February of 1865, US soldiers clashed with Lakota, Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho warriors at Mud Springs Nebraska. Incredibly, more than 1000 Indians were reported to have been moving in the area during the time this battle took place. At one
Chimney Rock National Historic Site
is the natural fulfillment of your trip to the North Carolina mountains. Take a deep breath of refreshing mountain air, become invigorated by our hiking trails, and let your cares fade away in the cool
Missing South Dakota teens found after 40 years
Creek drought reveals upturned vehicle
Cheryl Miller and Pamella Jackson, both 17, were on their way to an end-of-the-year school party at a gravel pit in Clay County, South Dakota, when they went missing. Police now say they have solved this cold case when a creek dried up revealing t
Knife River Indian Villages
North Dakota's wonderful Historical Site
The northern plains Indians are the subject of this wonderful national historical site. It is located near Stanton, North Dakota about 1 hour's drive north-west of Bismarck. There are, at the Knife River Indian Villages National Historical Si
1804 - Michael Frank Born
This Day in Wisconsin History
On this date Michael Frank, noted education leader in Wisconsin, was born in New York. Michael moved to the Wisc
1832 - Fort Koshkonong Construction Begins
This Day in Wisconsin History
On this date General Henry Atkinson and his troops built Fort Koshkonong after being forced backwards from the bog area of the "trembling lands" in their pursuit of Black Hawk.
1864 - (Civil War) Battle of Poison Spring, Arkansas
This Day in Wisconsin History
The Battle of Poison Spring was fought in Ouachita County, Arkansas, during the Camden Expedition. A Union foraging party was returning to headquarters in Camden, Arkansas, with 198 wagons of corn, when it was attacked and captured by Confederate tro
Manitou School
Wylora Christianson submitted the following photo of Manitou School. The town of Manitou was an early settlement in North Dakota, having been established in 1887. Peak population was 43 residents. This school is all that remains. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLAR
1865 - (Civil War) Lincoln Assassinated
This Day in Wisconsin History
On the evening of April 14, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was shot while watching a play at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C. Although no Wisconsin troops were on hand,
1865 - (Civil War) Confederate Army surrenders
This Day in Wisconsin History
Union forces led by General Ulysses S. Grant caught up with Confederate forces commanded by General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox Court House, Virginia. The 5th, 6th, 7th, 19th, 36th, 37th and 38th Wisconsin Infantry regiments were among the troops tha
Wisconsin Troops Capture Jefferson Davis - Wisconsin History
This Day in Wisconsin History
Just after dawn on May 10, 1865, Col. Henry Harnden of Madison and his squad of 30 volunteers from the First Cavalry arrested the President of the Confederacy. After Ro
Announcing our 2011 My Favorite Family Recipe Contest
Contest celebrates both food and family is excited to announce our 2011 "Favorite Family Recipe" contest. Its been a few years since Barbara Myhre of Huron South Dakota had our mouths watering with her first prize entry to our 2008 recipe contest. Babara's recipe f
Gene Vidal - father of Gore Vidal
What do Amelia Earhart, Al Gore, Jackie Kennedy and Gore Vidal have in common? Through complicated permutations of marriages, divorces, affairs, and old-fashioned family relationships, they all interconnect with a young man born 0n the prairie.
20 Million Dollar Painting Found in Bathgate North Dakota Attic
"Junk in Attic" was an Original Renoir Painting
The new owners of residence in town were interested in all the "junk" they found in their attic. One item was a rolled- up piece of canvas that appeared to be an old oil painting. When unrolled, they discovered a portrait of a charming nude which
Early homes on the prairie - The Sod House
Life on the prairie for early Nebraska settlers often included living in a sod house, commonly called a "soddie."
Homesteads and a Sod House - What Was it Like and How Was a Sod House Built? By Jeanne Hounshell Life on the prairie for early Nebraska settlers often included livin
1865 Civil War Confederate leaders reach Sailor's Creek, Virginia
This Day in Wisconsin History
Wisconsin's 5th, 6th, 7th, 19th, 36th, 37th and 38th Infantry regiments were among the troops pursuing Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee across Virginia. On this day the two sides faced off at Sailor's Creek for a battle that lasted several hours. Confe
They Survived the Titanic
One man who lived to tell the tale and ended up living in Onida, South Dakota
Oskar Hedman, Survivor Oscar Hedman arrived from Sweden 1905 and settled in Beach, North Dakota. In addition to some routine types of employment, he became affiliated with various land promoters and real estate speculators. At the age of 27 he was
Vern Miller - Sheriff, Moonshiner, Hit-man
How did the career of a small-town sheriff from South Dakota promote the creation of the modern FBI? Well, for one thing, he became a gangster.
The earliest years in Vern Miller’s biography remains unclear. It is reported that he was born in Kimball, South Dakota in 1896. Not much is known about his early years, but he was a resident of Huron, South Dakota by 1914. His life appears ordinar
Thoen Stone in Black Hills
In our third and last part of our series on the Thoen Stone, we give carving on rock a go!
Also see part one and part two An intriguing question posed in par
Ward Piggy Lambert - The Gunslinger of Basketball
Deadwood, South Dakota has long been an iconic symbol of the Old West. It ranks with Tombstone, Dodge, and Tucson as encapsulating the hardy, unrestrained, unlawful character of life in the boom towns on the frontier. Indeed, Deadwood as a center o
1854 - Glover's Capture
This Day in Wisconsin History
On this date, Joshua Glover, a slave from Missouri, was captured by federal agents in Racine. Abolitionists led by
Roosevelt and South Dakota
South Dakota Magazine
The State Historical Society’s annual meeting last weekend was a Roosevelt-fest. It delved into how the Dirty Thirties and FDR’s New Deal affected (or affects?) South Dakota. The keynoter, Dr. Margaret Rung, runs the Center for New Deal Stu
Lets find Rev. Lyn George Jacklin Kelly,
1912 Murders still unsolved
Winner, South Dakota has an intriguing, if innocent, connection to a famous mass murder case in Iowa. In 1912, six members of a household and two visiting children were murdered in the middle of the night in the small town of Villisca, Iowa. The c
Thoen Stone Investigated Part 2
Would a frantic survivor attempting to hide from his pursuers, pause, and then take the time to write a message on a piece of stone?
Also see part one and part three Would a frantic survivor of a dea
The Thoen Stone Spearfish South Dakota
The first of three articles about the Thoen stone
This is the first in a series of three articles about the Thoen Stone find. Also see part two and
Snowbound Basketball Tourney 1952
Sometimes lousy weather can create a lot of fun. Residents of Conde, South Dakota still remember the District Tournament of 1952. South Dakota, like so many Midwestern states, had a state-wide playoff system for boys’ high school basketball. The d
The Reds Are Coming!
Remembering a visit from the U.S.S.R in the 1950's
I think it was in the late fifties. My dad mention that some “Russians” were coming to the area to observe American farming methods and that it might be interesting to get a look at them. Through some contacts at the County offices, he was able to
1757 - Phineas Cadwell, Revolutionary War Veteran, Born
This Day in Wisconsin History
Cadwell was born on this date in 1757 in Hartford, Connecticut. He served in the Revolutionary War for almost four years. In 1850, he moved to the Town of Yorkville in Racine Co. In 1856, at age 99, he was given a government land grant of 160 acres f
Remembering That Infamous Day
South Dakota Magazine
By John Andrews It’s believed that only five South Dakotans who were at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 are still alive, and two of them will be at Deadwood’s Mount Moriah Cemetery Monday for a remembrance ceremony beginning at 11 a.m. Steve Warren
Turton Mystery image, 1922
Origins of image uknown.
Many of our friends and neighbors are curious about the origin of this very colorful and well crafted image that is painted on an old wooden grain storage building here in Turton, South Dakota. The gentleman who moved it onto his property died
Gangsters Lived Here?
We were in the Kimball, South Dakota area doing more research on the early life of Verne Miller
We were in the Kimball, South Dakota area doing more research on the early life of Verne Miller (The notorious gangster involved in the Kansas City Massacre) and were tipped by a local resident that in the 1930s a farm northeast of town was a hideout
1871 - Railroad Completed to Baraboo
This Day in Wisconsin History
On this date the track of the Chicago Northwestern Railroad was completed to Baraboo. On Tuesday, September 12, 1871 a celebration was held including music, speeches by
Company Cowboys Celebrating 40th
South Dakota Magazine
Once upon a time, country bands were a dime a song in the towns and cities of the West. They made a few bucks at rodeos and wedding dances. Life was good. Unfortunately, DJs and recorded music have put most of our guitarists and drummers out of busi
Barn Dances, Platform Dances and House Dances
Wessels Living History Farm
Dancing is an ancient pastime and an important forum for social interaction, especially in rural areas. During the early part of the 20th century, rural Americans found inexpensive ways and places to dance. In this video podcast, Nebraskans Carla Due
1958 - Gene Autry Performs at Rock County Fair
This Day in Wisconsin History
On this date Gene Autry, internationally famous singing cowboy and star of movies and TV, performed at the Rock County 4-H Fair. [Source: Janesville Gazette]
Why Zebras Don't Pull Plows
Why have several large species of mammals never been tamed to do man’s bidding?
Those massive diesel tractors that one sees pulling equally massive tilling and seeding machines on farms throughout the Midwest make it hard to believe that less than 100 years ago most of that work was being done by horses. One hundred years—a mere
Decades later, returning to the same hallowed ground - News Articles
Those who saw the fireball never stopped wondering what happened to the injured man who parachuted.Read article at JournalSt
More Great Games
In our search for “great games” we have come across two wonderful stories out of Minnesota high school boys’ basketball: Lynd high school’s record in the 1946 State Tournament and Edgerton’s winning the Tournament in 1960.
It’s important to remember that up until the 1990s all Minnesota high schools competed in a single playoff system. That is, small-town schools had a chance to compete with the huge schools in Minneapolis and St. Paul. The tournaments were immensely
Bitterly Cold Remembrances
South Dakota Magazine
A small and hardy group riders are braving the bitter winter weather today, approaching the South Dakota/Minnesota border on their way to Mankato. The horsemen seek continued recognition of the 1862 massacre by mass hanging of 38 Dakota Indians near
The Greatest Game in Selby Lion Basketball History
With two minutes and 19 seconds left, Selby Lions shoot five 3 pointers and 4 free throws to win 54-50.
The following account of the 1988 Region 8 Boys Basketball title was provided to us by the Selby Record as part of our ongoing call for your greatest high school sports memories.
A Celebration of One Hundred Years of South Dakota High School Activities and Athletics
by Mariah Press - Sioux Falls, South Dakota on 28 Oct 2006
For the past century the South Dakota High School Activities Association has coordinated South Dakota high school athletic and fine arts events. The Association was organized initially to govern the first state high school track meet in 1906. This
Villisca Remembering the Town and Country Grocery
Dave Higgins remembrances of his teen age part time job in Villisca Iowa in the 1950's.
By D.L. Higgins I was 15 years old in 1957 and one of the town kids who was lucky enough to have a job to put a little money in my pocket. Many of us in town worked at local gas stations, mowed yards or kept our eyes open for any chance to earn a
Conde South Dakota Nicknames
What is it about Conde, South Dakota and that peculiar tradition of nicknames? At one time it seemed like half of the town’s male population was addressed by nicknames? Conde must of had the highest per- capita rate of nickname use in the State. F
Immerse yourself in the unwritten history of the Midwest. We bring you the family histories, local sports legends, tales of survival and endurance, and first-person accounts of extraordinary experiences that form the heritage of so many communities. Recent Articles:
Vern Miller at
Ben Derr Turton South Dakota Rose Bowl
Farming in 1930s Klapperich Labrie Spink
Ward Piggy Lambert, the gunslinger of basketball
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