Nebraska's own Roswell of 1884
by Unexplained Mysteries on 20 Mar 2007
Very few people have heard of Max, Neb. A cursory look at the Google Map of the town shows just how small it is - under 20 blocks, a blip in southwest Nebraska. It's just eight miles from the seat of Dundy County: Benkelman, population 914.But Max, t
Lusk Nebraska was end of the road for fugitive from Texas
Charles Lannis Moses Jr
Charles Lannis Moses Jr., shot two Nebraska police officers and killed farmer before he outran authorities in the hills just over the Nebraska-Wyoming state line. Nebraska Gov. Mike Johanns declared a state of emergency, and unarmed Blackhawk heli
The battle of mud springs
Nebraska history.
In February of 1865, US soldiers clashed with Lakota, Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho warriors at Mud Springs Nebraska. Incredibly, more than 1000 Indians were reported to have been moving in the area during the time this battle took place. At one
Chimney Rock National Historic Site
is the natural fulfillment of your trip to the North Carolina mountains. Take a deep breath of refreshing mountain air, become invigorated by our hiking trails, and let your cares fade away in the cool
Early homes on the prairie - The Sod House
Life on the prairie for early Nebraska settlers often included living in a sod house, commonly called a "soddie."
Homesteads and a Sod House - What Was it Like and How Was a Sod House Built? By Jeanne Hounshell Life on the prairie for early Nebraska settlers often included livin
Barn Dances, Platform Dances and House Dances
Wessels Living History Farm
Dancing is an ancient pastime and an important forum for social interaction, especially in rural areas. During the early part of the 20th century, rural Americans found inexpensive ways and places to dance. In this video podcast, Nebraskans Carla Due
Decades later, returning to the same hallowed ground - News Articles
Those who saw the fireball never stopped wondering what happened to the injured man who parachuted.Read article at JournalSt
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Ben Derr Turton South Dakota Rose Bowl
Farming in 1930s Klapperich Labrie Spink
Ward Piggy Lambert, the gunslinger of basketball
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