North Dakota

The 1977 Epping, ND Eagles now featured in podcast
North Dakota's own 'hoosiers' story lives strong
In 1977, the North Dakota Boys State B Basketball tournament found two drastically different teams in the championship final. The 'Cinderella' Epping Eagles, with a school enrollment of only 23 students became the darlings of the tournament as th
Researches seek your baskteball stories
Researchers are seeking your favorite highschool basketball stories for publication, podcasts and books. Help us archive and celebrate the best of North Dakota high school basketball. MORE INFO HERE
Cold Case of North Dakota - The Aberdeen Connection
22 year old Cold Case still a mystery
The mystery of what happened to Kristin Joy Diede, a native of Wishek, North Dakota and Robert Michael Anderson of Minnesota remains to be a puzzle. Recently, however, new interest in the case has created some attention in local media. A webs
Knife River Indian Villages
North Dakota's wonderful Historical Site
The northern plains Indians are the subject of this wonderful national historical site. It is located near Stanton, North Dakota about 1 hour's drive north-west of Bismarck. There are, at the Knife River Indian Villages National Historical Si
Manitou School
Wylora Christianson submitted the following photo of Manitou School. The town of Manitou was an early settlement in North Dakota, having been established in 1887. Peak population was 43 residents. This school is all that remains. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLAR
20 Million Dollar Painting Found in Bathgate North Dakota Attic
"Junk in Attic" was an Original Renoir Painting
The new owners of residence in town were interested in all the "junk" they found in their attic. One item was a rolled- up piece of canvas that appeared to be an old oil painting. When unrolled, they discovered a portrait of a charming nude which
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Ben Derr Turton South Dakota Rose Bowl
Farming in 1930s Klapperich Labrie Spink
Ward Piggy Lambert, the gunslinger of basketball
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