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South Dakota Local Legends
We’ve all heard about Bullalo Bill Cody, Lawrence Welk, Charles Lindberg, Sinclair Lewis, Frank Lloyd Wright, and other Midwesterners whose fame gained a national status. Our aim is to bring you the histories,the stories, and records of those achievements which were never really appreciated beyond the local community.

The saga of Oscar Micheaux
Filmmaker of South Dakota
The saga of Oscar Micheaux in South Dakota is a fantastic portrayal of one man’s imagination, perseverance, and entrepreneurial energy— one of the best examples that one can find among all the pioneering tales of the Dakotas. What was a black America
Rose Bowl Running Back
I was about twelve and devoted to every kind of sport; I played basketball and baseball at every opportunity; I listened to college football; I was a Cleveland Indians fan; I knew the entire roster of the Minneapolis Lakers. So, when one day I overhe
Missing South Dakota teens found after 40 years
Creek drought reveals upturned vehicle
Cheryl Miller and Pamella Jackson, both 17, were on their way to an end-of-the-year school party at a gravel pit in Clay County, South Dakota, when they went missing. Police now say they have solved this cold case when a creek dried up revealing t
Gene Vidal - father of Gore Vidal
What do Amelia Earhart, Al Gore, Jackie Kennedy and Gore Vidal have in common? Through complicated permutations of marriages, divorces, affairs, and old-fashioned family relationships, they all interconnect with a young man born 0n the prairie.
They Survived the Titanic
One man who lived to tell the tale and ended up living in Onida, South Dakota
Oskar Hedman, Survivor Oscar Hedman arrived from Sweden 1905 and settled in Beach, North Dakota. In addition to some routine types of employment, he became affiliated with various land promoters and real estate speculators. At the age of 27 he was
Vern Miller - Sheriff, Moonshiner, Hit-man
How did the career of a small-town sheriff from South Dakota promote the creation of the modern FBI? Well, for one thing, he became a gangster.
The earliest years in Vern Miller’s biography remains unclear. It is reported that he was born in Kimball, South Dakota in 1896. Not much is known about his early years, but he was a resident of Huron, South Dakota by 1914. His life appears ordinar
Remembering That Infamous Day
South Dakota Magazine
By John Andrews It’s believed that only five South Dakotans who were at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 are still alive, and two of them will be at Deadwood’s Mount Moriah Cemetery Monday for a remembrance ceremony beginning at 11 a.m. Steve Warren
Turton Mystery image, 1922
Origins of image uknown.
Many of our friends and neighbors are curious about the origin of this very colorful and well crafted image that is painted on an old wooden grain storage building here in Turton, South Dakota. The gentleman who moved it onto his property died
Gangsters Lived Here?
We were in the Kimball, South Dakota area doing more research on the early life of Verne Miller
We were in the Kimball, South Dakota area doing more research on the early life of Verne Miller (The notorious gangster involved in the Kansas City Massacre) and were tipped by a local resident that in the 1930s a farm northeast of town was a hideout
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Ernest Lawrence Nobel prize winner  Canton SD   HIDE
Ernest Lawrence Nobel prize winner
Won the Nobel prize in physics in 1939.
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