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In virtually every community there is a fund of stories, fables, local gossip, lore, myths, and traditions worthy of novels and movies. Many of these deserve recognition beyond the locality of where they occurred. Bring them to us and let us put them on record.

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Clyde Willis Rainford 1905-1948
This is the 3rd in a series of writings authored by Darrel Rainford of Minnesota (1928 - 2005).
Biography: Clyde Willis Rainford 1905-1948 Clyde Willis Rainford was born in Illinois on July 2, 1905. The records don’t say, but chances are that he was born with the long, lean body and thick dark hair that
How Things Worked - by Darrel Rainford
This is the 2nd in a series of writings authored by Darrel Rainford of Minnesota (1928 - 2005).
Shocking Wheat The customary method to harvest grain (up until approx 1950 when newer smaller combines became available ) was to bind grain wheat, oats, barley into a bundle with a binder. This machine would cut the stalk and head a
Frances Klapperich Labrie, A Great Cook
This is the 1st in a series of writings authored by Darrel Rainford of Minnesota (1928 - 2005).
Frances Klapperich Labrie, 1877-1960, learned to cook as a young woman when she had a cookcar to feed the threshing teams. She could feed dozens of hungy men without running water in a small kitchen on wheels set in the middle of the field. She made
Dancin' Man
Bachelor farmer danced his way through life.
“The only thing I like more than dancing is more dancing!” This was the refrain that Clyde Raines repeated to hundreds of female dancing partners in eastern South Dakota during the 40s, 50s, and early 60s. Clyde was unmarried and farmed near the t
Roosevelt and South Dakota
South Dakota Magazine
The State Historical Society’s annual meeting last weekend was a Roosevelt-fest. It delved into how the Dirty Thirties and FDR’s New Deal affected (or affects?) South Dakota. The keynoter, Dr. Margaret Rung, runs the Center for New Deal Stu
Lets find Rev. Lyn George Jacklin Kelly,
1912 Murders still unsolved
Winner, South Dakota has an intriguing, if innocent, connection to a famous mass murder case in Iowa. In 1912, six members of a household and two visiting children were murdered in the middle of the night in the small town of Villisca, Iowa. The c
The Reds Are Coming!
Remembering a visit from the U.S.S.R in the 1950's
I think it was in the late fifties. My dad mention that some “Russians” were coming to the area to observe American farming methods and that it might be interesting to get a look at them. Through some contacts at the County offices, he was able to
Company Cowboys Celebrating 40th
South Dakota Magazine
Once upon a time, country bands were a dime a song in the towns and cities of the West. They made a few bucks at rodeos and wedding dances. Life was good. Unfortunately, DJs and recorded music have put most of our guitarists and drummers out of busi
Conde South Dakota Nicknames
What is it about Conde, South Dakota and that peculiar tradition of nicknames? At one time it seemed like half of the town’s male population was addressed by nicknames? Conde must of had the highest per- capita rate of nickname use in the State. F
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