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Our Midwest has some pretty major urban areas-- Milwaukee, The Twin Cities, Des Moines, and Omaha. However, the total population of these six states is less than six percent of the total population of the United States which means that the area offers a lot of opportunity for solitude, privacy, and getting away from it all. We make a number of suggestions as to how to take advantage of these empty spaces. One of our favorites is the Lonely Highway idea.

In the early days of automobiles it was common passion of early enthusiasts to go motoring. That meant driving merely for the sake of driving. Often it was a means of displaying a new purchase or proving to the community one’s ability to own the newest luxury item, but it resulted in a bit of aimless driving with no clear destination in mind.
The key to Lonely Highway experience is to recapture the freedom of simply traveling along on the open road calmly taking in the passing scenery. Of course it is practical to have a general time frame and destination in mind to avoid over t inconveniences, but the key ingredient is drive along in an unhurried frame of mind and let the countryside come to you. Imagine the joy of driving with no traffic in front and no traffic behind.

Take a look at the Lonely Highway List. They were chosen to offer drives with minimal traffic, and an unhurried pace. One example is US 280. Before the construction of the freeway system the country was crisscrossed by highways that were viewed to be the major ingredients of the Nation’s transportation system. US 280 extended from the Canadian border to Texas and would have been a major north-south conduit for traffic.
However, the freeways changed all that and now US 280 is there to enjoy. If you are in a hurry, get on the interstate freeway system.
Author: EVM STAFF on 01/09 2008
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