Lake of the Woods- Minnesota

Minnesota Tourism

Lake of the Woods- Minnesota

Everyone has heard of the Lake of the Woods, now is the time for you to go visit and see the beauty and meet the extraordinary people that call this area home.

Straddling the United States and Canadian border the Lake of the Woods.  Here you will find some of the finest walleye and northern pike fishing in the state.  You can either try going out on your own (these waters are huge and can be dangerous so be careful) or you can hire a guide that will take you to the places that you will be able to catch the big ones.  This area isn’t called the Walleye Capital of the World for nothing, there are trophy fish caught here every year.

Not only will you be able to catch Walleye and Northern Pike but there are Sauger, Muskie, Bass, Perch, Black Crappies, and Sturgeon for your enjoyment and eating pleasure (or catch and release if you aren’t going to eat them.)

Fishing isn’t just for the summer either, you can truly enjoy ice fishing with the best treatment you can imagine.  You can be transported from your cozy cabin, in heated transportation to a heated fish house with most of the comforts of home.

This beautiful area will welcome you with limited traffic (and no traffic jams), no stop lights to hold you back.

The panoramic view of the waters and forests you will see will make you truly believe that there is peace someplace in the world and it is right here at Lake of the Woods.

There are miles of secluded sandy beaches, forests filled with wildlife and almost 300 species of birds for you to enjoy while in the area.

The main access points to the area are the lake-shore town of Warrod; Baudette, on the Rainy River, the Northwest Angle, a peninsula jutting into Lake of the Woods and Roseau, where Polaris produces snowmobiles and ATV’s.

Contact: Toll free (800) 382-FISH (3474)

Office (218) 634-1174

Fax (218) 634-2915

Email info@lakeofthewoodsmn.com


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