Carhenge and other attractions

5 offbeat places to visit in Nebraska
Carhenge NE
Carhenge NE

America is home to some pretty wacky attractions and our journey across the states has made this stick out like a sore thumb. The state of Nebraska is no exception, so come along for the trip as we discover just how wacky Nebraska is.

1. Carhenge: Alliance, Nebraska

America's quirkiest Stonehenge can be found just outside the small town of Alliance, Nebraska. What makes this one stand out is the fact that is it entirely made of cars; 38 to be exact.

While in the past the locals wanted to convert it into a dump yard, they have now climbed on board and recognize its potential, contributing to the hype by building a nearby car-art sculpture park.

2. World's Largest Ball of Stamps: Boys Town, Nebraska

So it may be a little wackier than the usual attractions that make the cut, but you're sure to find this work of art appealing: no pun intended.

Weighing in at a whopping 600 pounds, the World's Largest Ball of Stamps is claimed to be comprised of 4,655,000 stamps, collected from a bygone era when people actually used to mail each other letters. Imagine that!

3. Great Platte River Road Archway Monument: Kearney, Nebraska

A $64 million dollar log bridge may seem a little extreme, and well that's probably because it is. While the bridge may be a spectacle to look at, actually accomplishing this is an entirely different story, with no exit available to access the attraction.

This 309-foot structure weighs in at 1,500-ton, and offers a multi-media experience that will make the death-defying trip of getting here seem worthwhile.

4. Fort Cody Trading Post: North Platte, Nebraska

A welcome sight for sore eyes while driving along the I-80, the Fort Cody Trading Post exhibits the best and wackiest of western Nebraska.

Pose for a picture with the Indian Muffler Man out the front, and venture inside to find the two-headed calf true freak of nature. Take a slice of the wackiness home with you during your visit to the gift shop, where you will find everything western and beyond.

5. Chimney Rock National Historic Site: Bayard, Nebraska

A wacky attraction usually comes in a man made format, however Chimney Rock would have to be the exception to this rule. As the name suggests, the rock resembles a chimney coming out of a roof and rises an impressive 4226 feet above sea level.

Attracting picnickers from far and wide, this geological structure is smokin' all year round.

Chrissy Barton is a blogger and content writer for Jurnii Car Rentals, America's new travel focused online rental car company. She writes frequently for the Jurnii Car Rentals Blog, and enjoys travel in the U.S and abroad.

Author: EVM STAFF on 05/13 2011
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