The History Vault project

One of projects here at Everythingmidwestern LLC has been dubbed “The History Vault”. The History Vault is a project of preservation. This project is intended to complement other preservation projects run by other organizations, all with the common goal of recording historical information.

Unlike those other projects however, the History Vault records information from the perspective of the personal experiences of ordinary, every-day individuals, as opposed to the perspective of society as a whole. In other words, while some preservationists might ask how a certain event, disaster, political era or other affected a community, we ask rather, how did those events affect specific individuals? How did your grandmother deal with the aftermaths of a tornado? What is your own personal favorite memory from the state fair, a country dance or family holiday. In essence, who are we as Midwesterners and former Midwesterners and which memories do we hold closest to our hearts?

The History Vault intends to secure these treasured memoirs, family stories, traditions and great tales, often handed down through several generations. A giant family album if you will, the History Vault will later be available free of cost to state and local historical associations.

The entire Retrospect section of is in essence the history vault. You may contribute in many ways. If you would like to submit or recommend a full fledged article we encourage you to do so. Another quick and easy way to contribute is to add to the lists found on every Retrospect section. Even participating on the Mainstreetmoments Forums will contribute to the History Vault, as all relevant posts will be archived at a regular basis.

Please join us in building this library of memories and personal experiences. Visit the Retrospect section

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